Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lumi Sun Printed Pouch

Hello everyone!  It’s Robyn with you today sharing a project using Lumi Inkodye inks.  I’ve always been fascinated by different printing techniques and this one which uses the power of the sun really grabbed my attention. I was so pleased to get a selection of these innovative products to play with and I chose the Shadow Print Kit to create a project for you!  Make sure you read the full instructions in the pack but here are the basics of sun printing with Lumi -
Firstly gather your supplies and set up your printing area. You need to protect your surface well and wear old clothes as the ink will stain anything it touches.  Work in a well ventilated but darkened area - the ink reacts to sunlight and is a bit smelly.
For this project, you need to select something to create a ‘shadow’ on the pouch which will leave an image.  I decided to use a scrap of textured lace.  The instructions in the pack will give you a bit of guidance – flat objects give a sharper image while dimensional objects give a more diffuse outline.
Snap open the pack and apply the ink with a foam brush to give an even coat. Pat off the excess ink with some paper towel and position the object/s you would like to print.  I pinned my lace down so it wouldn’t move and the pack comes with a handy perspex sheet to use when printing flat objects such as leaves.
Now it is time to wait! Depending on the time of day and how strong the sun is, printing will take 10 – 20 mins.  If the printing object is casting any shadows – rotate regularly during printing time to give all sides sun exposure.
Once the time is up – it is so hard to wait! – check that the exposed surface has undergone a nice and dark colour change.  Remove your printing object and immediately wash the project using the detergent provided.  Pop it out to dry and you are done!
Lumi sun printed pouch by Robyn Wood, Purple Salt,
I hope you enjoyed learning how to create this simple project – the printing possibilities are endless.  I’d love to see what you create so please leave a comment below or post a pic to our Inspiration Lane Facebook page.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hazel & Ruby Pic Pockets

Hi Inspiration Lane travellers.
Sharmaine here with a look at a layout I made using the Hazel & Ruby Pic Pockets (these ones are from the Party On range).

Hazel & Ruby Pic Pockets

Products Used:
Hazel & Ruby Pic Pockets
FabScraps Cardstock
Chromacryl Gesso Primer
X-Press It 6mm Double Sided Tape
X-Press It Clear Gel Glue 
Hazel & Ruby Scallop Washi Tape
Hazel & Ruby Sequins
Fabscraps ”Adrenaline Army Boots and 2 Badges Die Cut” chipboard

Firstly a little about the packet of Pic Pockets. It contains 6 plastic pockets, each with a slit to allow you to fill/fit/add, and these come in 3 different sizes. You will find 2 2x2, 2 4x4 and 2 3.5 in the pack.
You could fill these with a photo.
Or you could get creative and add pattern paper, sequins, embellishments or keepsakes.
You could stitch the pockets together and make a banner.
You could bind the pockets to make a mini book.
You could add a magnet on the back and make a reusable shopping list for the fridge.
The uses are almost endless!
I decided to make a layout, using 3 and layer them up to mount my photo on.


I added some gesso to my cardstock, giving some texture and background to the Pic Pockets.


I then stuck the pockets down using some X-Press It double sided tape, hidden behind the photo.
I later stitched two corners of the pockets (making sure it was then secure to the page).
I altered some Fabscraps chipboard (colouring them with markers) and added these to my page.


I then scattered some Hazel & Ruby sequins (adhering them with some dots of X-Press It Clear Gel Glue) and placed some Hazel & Ruby scallop washi tape to the top/bottom of my page.


And the end result…

A fun page documenting our 11 year old’s birthday celebrations.
Thanks for looking.
Enjoy getting crafty.