Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Feather Has It!

This week I am using the lovely FabScraps French Heritage Range to create a little off-the page delight, in a fancy little present topper and gift wrapping.  I thought a good place to start was with the Fabby little birdcage chipboard element which comes with matching die cut papers:

First to a little wrap for my gift, this is a great way to use up extra bits of papers, for this case I used Peacock Magic Paper cut into strips varying in size from 4mm to 20mm in width, sliced really quickly on a guillotine: 

It is best if the papers are not unison for this technique, which comes together in a super flash with X-Press It Double Sided adhesive Sheets, this time I used a 5cm strip, and covered it with little strips of paper on various angles, similar to a herringbone quilt formation.  I used short on long strips, snipping and reusing as I went along the length of adhesive.  Don't worry about loose ends, just keep the formation going, and turn over and trim when you have covered the front of the adhesive sheet:

A little brown ink the the edges once you have trimmed, and then this piece is easily adhered to the front of your wrapped gift with X-Press It High Tack Double Sided Adhesive:

Once the front of the gift has been decorated it is time to get onto the detail of the little birdcage.  The papers in the kit match the French Heritage Range perfectly, and as they are double-sided you get to pick and choose contrasting and/or matching papers for both sided of the chipboard.  You can see here that I have chosen two different sides of paper for covering my cage, one with a bird feature, they other a standard geometric design, co-ordinating of course… comes together in a jiffy with a quick coat of X-Press It TripleTac:

Once the paper is adhered to the chipboard, it is a simple case of adding some dark ink to the edges of the cage, and then getting on with embellishing…. I chose to use a large peacock feather to dress up the front of the cage as I liked how it extended from the cage… simple coats of Copic Ink are fantastic on FabScraps Chipboard, they really hold the colour saturation well, and the matt finish works nicely with the vintage look papers….. a little bling to the centre of the flower, and a FabScraps metal butterfly as a clasp on the birdcage to add that finishing touch…..

Here is another view of the cage, with the more detailed side of the chipboard on display, the die cut papers really make this element come together in no time!

And here is a little look at the cage, atop the paper feature on the wrapped gift, see how nicely the papers co-ordinate with the off-the-page element, sweet:

It really is simple to add some serious WOW to your gift wrapping with the FabScraps Heritage Range, including the birdcage and peacock feather chipboard elements, thanks for stopping by today, we hope this inspires you to get all chippie and full of pretty papers for your next gift wrapping adventure!

Until next time, EDNA.

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  1. Ooh La La!!! This looks very fab indeed!! What a cool tutorial!!