Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hoppy Easter Every Bunny!

Hi there, it's Sascha from Inspiration Lane HQ! One of the perks of my role, is that I get to play with all of the wonderful new goodies that come it and Lumi Inkodye® is no exception.

Inkodye® develops its color in sunlight. It works on cotton, linen, silk, rayon, canvas, and any other natural & absorbent material. Once finished, your print is soft, permanent and can be machine washed without fading. It is available in 9 colours and two convenient pack sizes, either a single use Snap Pack or an 8 oz bottle!

Since Easter is just around the corner, this photo of a rabbit in a field of flowers caught my eye.

Materials Used:
Calico Material
Negative printed onto Inkofilm or Acetate 
Pins or a sheet of glass
A smooth board or sheet of foamboard 
Bulldog Clips
Inko Wash

Step 1: Create Your Negative 
There is a wonderful Lumi App that lets you convert your image with ease. The app can be downloaded via the Lumi Website. You can also create your own with Photoshop. Depending on your printer ink density, print 1-2 copies of your negative onto your Inkofim (Inkjet Printer) or Acetate (Laser Printer) I printed two copies from a laser printer, then stuck the edges together with X-Press It Double Sided Tape.

Step 2: Apply Inkodye
Give your bottle (or snap pack) of Lumi a good shake. If you are using a bottle, take off the cap and screw on the Inko Roller. Place your fabric onto your surface (I used a clean sheet of foamboard.) Apply the Inkodye to your desired area. If you are using a Snap Pack, simply snap the pack in half and use the packaging to spread it.

Using a clean cloth or a sheet of paper towel, gently dab/ rub off any excess dye.

Step 3: Position Your Negative and Expose
Lay your negative on top of the Inkodye and secure to your board with a sheet of glass and bulldog clips. Alternatively you can also secure the negative with pins. Then take your print outside and Expose it to direct sunlight. You will see the colour start to change almost immediately. Leave your print out in the sun for 10-20 minutes depending on the weather conditions and colour you are using. 

It was a slightly overcast day, so I went exposed my print for 15 minutes. The colours looked bright and strong after 5 minutes, but it is important to be patient!!

Step 4: Wash
 Take your print inside and remove the negative. Wash your print in Inkowash to remove any unexposed dye. It is recommended that you wash your print twice in hot water.Allow you print to dry and TA-DA!
I decided to sew my print into a little Easter Egg pouch, perfect for an avid egg hunter to hide their goodies in!

The options with Lumi are ENDLESS! If this post has got your brain buzzing as much as mine, be sure to check out the projects on the Lumi website. There are sooo many fun ideas and guides - and the best bit is that every project you create is bound to be unique. What would you create with Lumi?

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